Case Study

East Coast Main Line SCADA NMS RTU Configuration Upgrades

Contract Details


Siemens / Network Rail / Thameslink


East Coast Mainline (9 locations London to Newark)

Principle Works

Applying for outages for each site.

Production of switching schedules to allow alternate feeding to be implemented.

Switching out / bypass of substations as required.

Operation of all plant prior to the RTU configuration upgrade.

Install the RTU configuration upgrade.

Operation of all plant on completion of the RTU configuration upgrade.

Switching back in of substations as required.

East Coast Main Line SCADA NMS RTU Configuration Upgrades

When the East Coast Main Line was upgraded to handle increased power demands on the system, the Network Management System, also known as NMS, was only partially implemented. This meant that WJ Project Services were commissioned for further works on the line to fully implement the NMS and ensure that the system was running at optimal capacity.

We were tasked with updating the configuration of the Remote Terminal Units (RTU) within the Fastflex processing units. This would allow for full functionality at the York Electric Control Room.

WJ Project Services’ team of engineers were also tasked with the operational responsibility of the project substation while the system was offline, as well as installing the configuration updates directly into fast flex units and testing the operators in the control room to ensure full functionality.

Our team locally tested the updated configuration files and functions using a laptop after installation. During this time, the RTU at the York substation was temporarily taken offline to allow the installation to take place. The RTU was then brought back online for testing.

After local testing of the installation, WJ Project Services then retested the updates back at the York Control Room, which uses on-site RTUs to control and monitor HV switchgears in the substation. This confirmed that no errors had emerged in the system and all operations were still functioning as they should be.

Fully integrating the RTU was important to the overall project as it allows the HV electrical supply to be monitored by Network Rail. They could also monitor trends at the master station in York using the on-site NMS.

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