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West Weybridge 33kV Switchgear Commissioning

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UK Power Networks


West Weybridge, London

Principle Works

HV pressure test

CT analysis

CT primary injection

Bus zone testing

Protection relays

VT Testing

West Weybridge 33kV Switchgear Commissioning

As part of the west Weybridge substation commissioning on behalf of UK Power Networks, WJ Project Services are proud to have undertaken several key responsibilities relating to the project. The team at WJ Project Services were responsible for creating and presenting inspection and testing plans and results documentation in order to show the client that the equipment in place was designed, built and installed to their specific requirements and specifications. It was undertaken using SAT testing, a suite of site acceptable tests (SAT) that show equipment operation and output.

As part of the site acceptance testing, our engineers conducted tests on all the substation components at a primary and secondary level. Components included the secondary injection and functional testing of all protection devices, VT testing, primary injection testing, high voltage pressure testing, functional testing, CT analysis, contact resistance testing and testing of the busbar protection scheme.

Once the tests were all successfully carried out, we provided the client with a comprehensive set of detailed reports outlining any defects or further work that was required. All test documents were provided to show the raw data results, as well as an itemised list of conclusions, defects and recommendations.

The WJ Project Services team works in conjunction with the client to ensure the specifications set out in the brief are met. Thanks to the vast experience and skill of our engineers, we swiftly completed the work and allowed the substation that was undergoing testing to be put into service after any faults or issues were addressed.

The switchgear used at the Weybridge substation was the metal partitioned double busbar ABB ZX2, gas-insulated switchgear that incorporates arc-proof cubicles as well as a set of vacuum circuit breakers in a compact housing case.

For more information about the project, or to find out more about what WJ Project Services can do for your ongoing or upcoming briefs, get in touch with a member of our expert engineer team today.

ANSI/IEC gas insulated switchgear ZX2

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