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Reading Train Care Depot

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Reading Train Care Depot


Reading, UK

Principle Works

Testing & Commissioning of Motorised OLE Switches, positive indication switches, earth position indication switches and MLE Motor Control Units

Reading Train Care Depot

Nominated Persons at the depot were having to walk 400m+ each time an electrified road within the shed needed to be isolated and earthed at both ends. With more than 10 OLE switching operations a day plus additional EMUs, the existing system had significantly increased the workload of Depot staff.

To secure an isolation or earthed isolation in a safe and efficient manner, easy access to the Remote Control Panels (RCPs) has been provided for trained and competent personnel.

The location of the RCP enables a nominated person to easily access the East end OLE switch after operating the West end OLE switch into its earthed position and releasing the OLE Feed keyfrom the RCP, which in turn secures the earth applied at the West end of the Train Care Shed.

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