Team Day 2019 - Adventure Sports (Warwickshire)

June 22, 2019

We all met at Adventure Sports for a Mixed Activity day which consisted of a series of activities in a structured format that ensured we had an exceptional balance of participation, competition and team experience.  

The group was divided into 2 teams and we circulated around a range of different activity experiences throughout the day. Scores were kept throughout to add a competitive spirit, but the emphasis was very much placed on taking part in activities that we may not have experienced before.

After a busy morning the teams met back at the clubhouse for a well-deserved lunch and had a good opportunity to socialise and bond with other team members and compare scores before setting off for the final activities.

The event manager compiled the activity scores from the day before announcing the results and giving out the prizes. There was a winning team but it’s the taking part that counts!

The day was a highly successful way to get our team to work together with new challenges and see each other in a different light.

As the majority of our engineers work away from home all week, it's gratefully appreciated that they are willing to give up precious weekend time with their families in order to support this annual event.

Quad Bikes

The challenging, rough-ground course incorporating mud, slopes, tight corners and slaloms tested our ability and driving technique.


The single seater hovercraft rode on a cushion of air around a winding course that really tested our skill.The hovercraft was controlled using a combination of engine speed, rear air deflectors and body position, a truly unique driving experience.

Digger Challenge

The challenge was to use the articulated arm to scoop up footballs and drop them into a
container.  With multiple movements controlled by both hands this was a real test of co-ordination!


A traditional and very enjoyable test of skill, using a lightweight and user-friendly recurve longbow.

Empire Crate Building

Each team was equipped with 50 milk crates with which we must form the tallest tower possible. The tower had to hold the weight of one team member at its summit, a true test of courage, team work and encouragement.

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